We complete...your...brand by creating and elevating branding components that shape your business.

Is your brand fit for the future?

View from the outside
To pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the visual appearance.

Recognize opportunities
What gaps should be closed and what development opportunities are there.

Be prepared for the future
Plan future optimization steps cost-effectively.

Digital Brand Check S

  • Upload of applications (PDFs, photos, links), guidelines and templates as well as possibly sending of print material
  • View and select the media, examine and evaluate the conversions.
  • Preparation of an analysis report incl. Recommendation for action and personal presentation 

Price: 2.500 EUR
Up to 10 media examples


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Is your brand what it should be?

Clarify position
Define the position of the brand by assessing current brand perception internally, externally and in the competitive environment.

Identify break points
Identify and minimize channel- and media-specific break points to the desired position.

Sharpen target
Review and sharpen the target position in the current context.

Brand Positioning Check S

  • Definition of the groups involved; Definition of the starting position
  • Development of questionnaires
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Preparation of an analysis report incl. Recommendation for action and personal presentation.

3.000 EUR
Up to 10 internal and 10 external persons and 5 competitors

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Are your style guides helpful?

Bundle information
All contents and data about the brand are located in a central place and are always up to date.

Minimize effort
By providing principles with templates, tasks are completed with less effort and in less time.

Increase implementation quality
As a holistic system, the Brand Portal ensures a consistent and thus high-quality brand presence in the analog and digital world.

Digital Brand Guideline

  • Upload of guidelines (PDF) and files (eg word templates, logo artwork data)
  • View the components, develop a structure, and suggest an action plan
  • Creation of online guidelines with Frontify *.

From 20.000 €


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Do you keep your brand community alive?

Always up to date
To communicate developments needs-oriented - whether periodically or ad hoc.

Keep in touch
Keeping internal and external contacts alive - and always in line with the brand in text and image.

Get direct feedback
As decision makers know which topics are interesting and arrive and which not.

Brand Newsletter S

  • Capture the recipient data
  • Set-up of delivery parameters
  • Design options and test
  • Delivery and report

€ 1.000 single set up
€ 500 per delivery


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